From The Chair

Greetings and Welcome to Region One!

I am privileged to serve as your 2018-2019 Region 1 Professionals Chairperson. The members of the Region 1 Professionals Executive Board and I are here for a single unified purpose and that purpose is to serve each of NSBE’s constituent groups (NSBE Jr., Collegiates & Professionals) through our transcending mission.
In line with the expressed desires and aspirations of our member-chapters, our leadership team will be focused on accelerating growth and expanding our network of resources to meet the needs of both our students and our career professionals. This focus is deeply rooted in four key areas:

  1. Strengthen & expand our professionals’ network
  2. Accelerate career & leadership development
  3. Invest in the society’s growth and sustainability through our pipeline initiatives
  4. Leverage the resources of our chapters and partnering organizations
The success of our region will be determined by the value delivered to our membership and the strength of our collaborations - both within NSBE and beyond. We will also draw on our STEM professionals to continue to demonstrate an appetite for excellence and high standards for success. 
As professionals, we are equally invested in the NSBE’s national strategic plan to graduate 10,000 black engineers by 2025. This goal is not only critical increasing the overall representation of minorities in STEM and the emerging economy but also vital to NSBE’s long-term sustainability. Through our network of chapters and our shared commitment to serve the region, we are confident in our collective ability to create a lasting impact.
I am excited by the commitment of our leadership to work closely with our network of chapters and select partners to propel our sail towards accelerated growth.

Your in service,


Ledum E. Nordee
Lifetime Member #262
2018-2019 Region 1 Professionals Chair