Membership Awards

Region II Professionals 2015 Member of the Year

Recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of a Region II Alumni member in fulfilling the NSBE Mission and who is an exemplary leader within all levels of the organization. This individual has made outstanding contributions to their Chapter, Region and NSBE overall in the areas of leadership, excellence, service, and advancement of NSBE programs and the NSBE mission. Their dedication has impacted their community and their region. Nominees are required to be paid members of both Nationally and with their local chapter*. (Award 1 Member)

Region II Professionals 2015 Chapter Leadership Award (Executive Board)

This award is awarded to a Chapter Executive Board Member who has best supported the NSBE Mission, as well as their respective Chapter’s goals and objectives. This individual has met the needs of their respective constituency, and has employed resourceful and innovative approaches to fulfill the NSBE Mission and positively advance the goals of their respective Chapter. Aside from their Chapter duties, this member represented their chapter on the regional level as well. They have attended monthly calls, answered data calls, and helped other chapter leaders excel. Nominees are required to be paid members both Nationally and with their local chapter. (Award 2 Members)

Member Awards Packet