NSBE Professionals Programs

Creative, engaging and interactive programs are the primary vehicles through which NSBE fulfills its mission to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. We provide a variety of programs in the following core areas to support NSBE Professionals: Entrepreneurship, Technical Excellence, Professional Development, Community Impact, College Initiative, Pre-College Initiative and Chapter Development.

Technical business development, professional development units, license and certification exam review courses, engineering technical activity, youth outreach, and community outreach are among the wide array of resources available to NSBE Professional members through our various programs. By participating in any number of our programs each NSBE Professional is ensured an opportunity to reach extraordinary heights in their technical, professional and community endeavors. The value of NSBE Programs depends on active participation.

Additionally, the NSBE Professionals Programs Zone is calling upon the membership, particularly at the local chapter level, to develop innovative programs that will increase the value of being a NSBE Professional member, help fulfill the NSBE mission, coordinate and utilize professional skill sets, and most importantly excite and fulfill your chapter membership. We hope to see the best of these programs eventually become regional and national Professional programs!

Thank you and Welcome to NSBE Programs!

Richard White
2019-2020 NSBE Region II Professionals Programs Chair