Warmest Welcome!

Greetings to ALL!

I am ecstatic to uphold such a position as we strive – as a Region - to fulfill the NSBE Mission. The National Professional’s directives this year is “CPR” – continue the path, partnership, and repeatable processes. With that in mind, this year’s regional directives will remain the same - to strengthen the engineering pipeline, support regional programming and enhancing our NSBE Professional Brand through technical and professional development. I believe a vision requires more than a year to implement and/or see the benefits so it is vital we stay the course and upkeep our flame to shine bright as The Model Region indeed!

As Region II, let us continue to promote and embody excellence, servitude and leadership, annual growth, and positively impacting the lives of numerous professionals, and students alike, while returning value and diversity to our respective companies! For we are:

A Mission on a Mission!

... and we keep it #2HYPE

Brittany Herring
Region II Professionals Chairperson
National Society of Black Engineers