SC Upstate Professional Development Mixer

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From the end of January to the beginning of March, several Region II Professionals chapters held professional development mixers. On March 3rd, South Carolina Upstate Professionals held their mixer with a guest speaker, Dr. Tyrone Washington.  
Guest Speaker: DR. Tyrone Washington
Interesting quotes to takeaway:
-“If you don’t learn to celebrate yourself no one else will. People will not treat you better than you treat yourself. Speak well of yourself.”
-“Never settle for the status quo, innovation and breakthrough rarely occur within comfort zones. No matter what, you are leaving a legacy for someone to follow. Make your path one worth following.”
-Professional (pro-fess-tion-al)
                  Pro- above, greater than, higher than, transcend
                  phes- to confess, profess, to speak or say
                  tion- ability or authority to do/be
                  al- being, person
-“Professional- One who has the ability or authority to speak themselves above and transcend. (a circumstance, situation, problem. Etc.)”
-“Communication is key! You are often judged and known by your ability to speak and to communicate an idea.”
-“Change your mindset from being the problem solver to being the solution provider. Then shift from being the one who has a solution to actually you, in and of yourself, being the solution.”
- “Stop competing with your peers. In life we all have different skill sets and we are all running different races with different purposes. Apples to apples will get you beat. “
-“You are your only competition. Know that. Feel that. Improve yourself, and then improve those around you.”
-“One must listen in order to respond, however one must truly hear in order to learn and consequently the knowledge gained through learning allows one to react.”
-“Affect your environment differently by reacting differently, which is done by having a different or more extensive knowledge base.”
-“Don’t tell me what you are going to do/going to be. Who are you now? What have you done? Pick your words wisely and take your thoughts captive.”
-“Be tangible. We are not superman, 10 feet tall, or bulletproof. And that is okay. Transparency and accountability makes you real, relatable, and personable. These are necessary traits to build trust and respect.”
-“Find your why. Find your purpose.”