Greetings Region III Professionals,
It is time to renew your membership and renew your chapter Charters!  Some of you may be wondering, how do I find the chapters in my area? Some chapters have not renewed their official NSBE charter yet, and in some areas chapters do not yet exist to connect members in those communities.  We want to change that! One of the easiest ways to begin to connect with other potential NSBE members and begin the process of starting or renewing a chapter, is to start a Facebook or LinkedIn page.  Some chapters already have Facebook pages and some need to be updated.  We have put together a list of active Region 3 Professionals chapters and some inactive chapters as well, providing webpages, Facebook pages or email addresses.   Let’s get all these chapters active, renew charters and get all chapter information up to date so that we can continue to fulfill the NSBE mission within our communities at the professional level.
By being a NSBE Professional, you get stuff you love...
  1. We'll help you make a real impact on causes you care about...
    • Be part of a fulfilling the NSBE mission with others like you.
    • Participate in NSBE National Programs focused on areas of interest: Technical Excellence, Professional Development, College Initiative, Pre-College Initiative, NSBEPreneur (for current and aspiring business owners).
    • Mentoring and Community Outreach opportunities. Be a mentor or access a mentor to assist with your career advancement.
  1. Advance your career. That's right. You get access to other professionals and discount registrations to professional development conferences.
    • Attending NSBE professional development workshops, webinars, and leadership development sessions.
    • Access to Fortune 500 Companies during the Career Fair and Networking Suites annually at the Annual Convention/Technical Professional Conference.
    • Access to free job searching through NSBE online job database (home of thousands of engineering positions). Post your resume free of charge to top engineering companies in NSBE’s Job Placement Center (JPC).
    • KAPLAN test preparation resources and workshops available at conferences for the PE, GRE, ant GMAT. Discounted Kaplan Test Prep services and materials. 
  1. Money & Discounts!
    • First year Professionals membership dues are waived for NSBE Collegiate members upon Graduation with an Undergraduate degree within the first year of degree completion. (a $50 value)
    • Discount Registrations for conferences and events including the: National Convention/Technical Professionals Conference, Professional Development Conferences, and NSBE Summit
    • Access to scholarships/fellowships:  Check out our scholarships to see how you can qualify.
  2. SWAG you can actually use.
  • Elite networking at events and conferences with industry and professionals. Build your network by meeting hundreds of professionals through NSBE events. Meet top black executives and talented professionals through NSBE.
  • Receive a subscription to NSBE Magazine. Each issue offers the latest industry news and articles tailored to individual areas of engineering. (a $20 value) Includes the Career Engineer, a special section of the magazine that highlights our Technical Professionals.
  • Exclusive events
5.    Join NSBE Special Interest Groups (SIGs), industry groups composed on NSBE members focused on technical papers, journals, special projects, networking, and workshops. 

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Top Membership & Registration Questions:

1.       How do I become a member?
We are thrilled that you want to join the NSBE family! Please fill out our online member application (; your membership will become active as soon as your dues are paid.

2.       There is not a chapter in my area. What should I do?
You may either join an “At Large” chapter in your region or you may start your own chapter. Please complete an online chapter charter petition and we will contact you shortly (

3.       Why is my chapter inactive?
Your chapter’s officers may have not been updated. For a chapter to be active, our system requires a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer with active terms. If their terms expire, the chapter is no longer active. Please send the Membership Department your list of current officers so we may reactivate your chapter.

4.       I’m looking for a job—how can NSBE help?
We have new online Career Center where job-seekers may upload their resumes, search jobs, and make their information visible to employers. Visit for more information.

5.  I want to get involved in service activities in my community with other NSBE members, how can I reach out to them?
If you are an “At Large” member and would like to connect with other “At Large” members in your area, 1) Become a paid member 2) If none already exists, start a social media page (Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, etc.) For help with this, contact regional leadership at

For other Membership and Registration FAQs, please visit