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Region IV

NSBE is one of the largest student-run societies, comprised of more than 400 chapters. These chapters are geographically divided into 6 regions all of which have Professionals chapters. Region IV members are represented throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Central Canada, Central Africa and East Africa. 
Programs:  NSBE offers programming that broadens experience while rewarding outstanding achievement.  These programs are designed to promote Technical Excellence, Academic and Professional Development, Leadership Development and our Pre-College Initiative.  NSBE programs and activities include career fairs, college and graduate school fairs, technical research projects, academic competitions, scholarships, and awards.
Publications:  NSBE produces two publications for its members:  NSBE Magazine and The Bridge Magazine.  The Career Engineer is a special section within NSBE Magazine aimed at technical professionals.
Corporate Support:  NSBE is supported by the Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA).  The board is made up of Fortune 500 companies and other corporations that recruit NSBE members for internships, co-ops and full-time employment opportunities.  Other partnership opportunities for corporate supporters exist on the national, regional, and chapter levels.