NSBE Day @

As the Vanguard Region we are kicking off a new pilot initiative that will hopefully be adopted by National body in the near future. The name of the initiative is NSBE Day @. This can be NSBE Day @ just about anywhere.

The purpose 
is to get the NSBE name out into the community, expose children ages 9+ to fun activities and experiences in the STEM fields outside of a classroom setting. Below is the criteria for the initiative. Your chapters have teh flexibility to decide when, where, you will conduct your NSBE Day activity. All we ask is that you 1.) Keep us looped in to what you decide on and 2.) Report back as noted in the criteria.  The event can be any day from June - November 5th 2017
We encourage collaboration with other NSBE Chapters of all levels (Professional, Collegiate, and PCI), but chapters are welcome work solo as well. Here are some sample ideas, but the only limit is your imagination:
  • NSBE Day@ Nasa
  • NSBE Day@ Lockheed
  • NSBE Day@ Boeing
  • NSBE Day@ Bell Helicopter
  • NSBE Day@ The Park
  • NSBE Day@ The Arborteum
  • NSBE Day@ The Perot Museum
  • NSBE Day@ The St. Louis Arch
  • etc...
This is a great opportunity to highlight areas or companies in your city, so start discussing
whether you are aiming for a single sponsor to partner with, or multiple sponsors. Please read  through the criteria and let your Region V Professionals Chair Mikala Windham or your Region V Professionals Programs Chair Shawna Spence know if you have any questions.