About Us

The House that 6 Built...
California-Oregon-Idaho-Wyoming-New Mexico-Arizona-Nevada-Washington-Utah-Montana-Colorado-Alaska-Hawaii
Region VI Professionals
The earliest black engineering organizations in the nation (pre-dating NSBE) i.e. BESSA @ UC Berkeley, Cal Poly Pomona, and BEA @ UC Davis
NSBE Chant Originated in Region 6
Summer Camping Conference and predessor to SEEK began in Region VI at Cal Ploy Pomona.
First Professional Devlopement Conference held on a company campus in 2007 at Microsoft in Mountainview California (Attended by Bill Gates)
First region to begin zone structure
First Special Interest Group Conference - Aerospace in 2009, Los Angeles California
Taking mentorship to the next level, in 2011 the Region 6 AE adopted a one-on-one menotoring approach between Collegiate and Alumni Executive Boards