Preview Grad School

Not sure graduate school is right for you?

You can try it before you buy it while gaining experience that strengthens your application.

Consider one of these options to:
  • Learn what a researcher’s life is like.
  • Meet a diverse community of scholars who share your interests.
  • Gain perspectives that can inform your work and career.
  • Establish relationships with faculty who can write letters of recommendation.

Undergraduate research experiences

  • At your home institution during the school year independently or under the supervision of a faculty member
  • Summer research program at other institutions (e.g., SROP and SROP-CoE) allow participants to engage in research projects in potential graduate schools. Most also offer offer academic, professional, and personal development seminars.

Post-baccalaureate programs

  • 1-2 year programs designed to help participants strengthen their candidacy for admission to Ph.D. programs.
  • Include mentored research experience, graduate courses, GRE prep and opportunities to interact with and learn from top researchers.