Chapter Development

The Institute for Chapter Development (ICD) is a year-round NSBE program designed to strengthen the chapter’s ability to grow and flourish in serving its membership. The program provides a suite of services and tools for your chapter to use throughout the year. Among these components are Chapter Support Services, Chapter Development Toolkit, Leadership Development Training Series, Chapter Leader’s Roundtable, and Chapter Excellence Awards.

Leadership Development Training Series

On a monthly basis, chapter leaders participate in a training conference call focused on leadership skills necessary for personal growth and chapter sustainment. Announcements with dates and instructions for each upcoming training session will be distributed to chapter leaders via email. 

Summer Camping Conference Project

The Summer Camping Conference (SCC) has been revamped to run on a collegiate level. Thereby, it is important that collegiate chapters become more involved in community and youth outreach by beginning their planning stages much earlier. The goal is that a SCC plan will be proposed about a year in advance and passed down to the chapter SCC Coordinators who will then oversee, manage, and run the remaining tasks to finalize all final details (i.e. agenda, budget, theme, workshops, materials) for a successful SCC in the upcoming summer. This project will enhance collegiate members' technical and interpersonal skills, leadership, marketing, and communication.

NSBE Jr. Top Ten Initiative Plan

The NSBE Jr. Top Ten Initiative Plan was piloted on the Regional level to help increase meaningful interactions between Collegiate and NSBE Jr./ PCI chapters. Collegiate chapters are in charge of reaching out to their local NSBE Jr./PCI chapters exposing them to STEM field opportunities at an early age through events, programs, competitions, workshops, etc. This document provides a brief list of initiatives, ideas, tools, and resources that can be used to conduct successful PCI programming. Active chapters from each region that show the most dedication, hard work, and effort will be recognized at the end of the year for all their service to the PCI program.

NEB Development Sessions

NEB Development Sessions occur at NEB meetings where NEB members are provided with development specific to their role as members of the Board of Directors. This includes but not limited to: Ethics, Image Management and Consultation and Executive Networking.

Leadership Shadowing Initiative

The Shadowing Initiative allows members to experience being the officer of their choice in during a conference or at Annual Convention. Participants get the actual feel of being that particular officer by following and carrying our specific task for which the officer is responsible. The member will experience the position “in the heat of the moment” and is provided the opportunity to network with and be mentored by the chosen officer. Contact your Regional Parliamentarian for information on this initiative. 

Chapter Support Services

Throughout the year, your chapter will be able to communicate with regional and national leadership through two effective services, the ICD Online Reporting Tool and Feedback Services and Chapter Visits.

The ICD Online Reporting Tool will give your chapter the opportunity to provide information about your chapter to NSBE that will help your regional and national leaders to better services your chapter. Feedback is provided in response to your submission to help you to address your concerns and develop strategies for improving your chapter’s performance. It is broken in two reports with the first being focused on planning and the second focused on growth.
Upon request, national and regional leaders are available to visit your chapter and dedicate time to understanding the needs of your chapter membership and helping you to identify strategies to address those needs. To request a chapter visit, please contact your Regional Membership Chairperson, or the Membership Team at

Chapter Development Toolkit & Online Resources

Available on the NSBE website is a collection of information designed to develop the mindset around successfully executing chapter operation and driving growth. The toolkit includes guidelines on chapter development, framework checklists for successful operation and growth, as well as templates and notes of best practices to assist you through the year. Download the toolkit and apply the information to strengthen your chapter’s approach to fulfilling the mission and serving its members.

Chapter Leader’s Roundtable

During your region’s Regional Leadership Conference (RLC), Fall Regional Conference (FRC), and the National Convention, roundtable discussions are held to focus on top issues surrounding chapter development and share solutions amongst a community of chapter leaders. Make sure that your chapter is represented in these events and able to gather ideas and share experiences with other chapters.

Chapter Excellence Awards

NSBE recognizes and celebrates the achievements of chapters that advance the goals of the society, contribute to the community and the engineering profession. Chapter Excellence Awards will be given to the chapters on the regional and national levels who best satisfy the criteria outlined in the Chapter Development Program. Chapter Excellence Awards will be given to those chapters that have excelled in the academic enhancement of its members, in scholarship, leadership and in the overall facilitation of programs and activities.

International Ambassador Initiative

The International Ambassador Initiative is an official partnership between individuals and International Chapters.  In addition, it:

  • Gears towards students looking for international experience, or foreign born NSBE members
  • Provides periodic communication with your respective international chapter representative
  • Monitors international chapter progress
  • Reports to Regional International Chair any concerns from your respective international chapter
  • Ensures programs are being implemented effectively
  • Provides needed information and support to your respective international chapter

Please contact for more information, or visit our International section.

For More Information

Leading a chapter is challenging, but fulfilling work. If you have questions about how ICD can help you, feel free to contact your Regional Programs Chair.