The NSBE NLI Fellows Program

 Application Now Live!


The NSBE National Leadership Institute Fellows Program, formerly known as the NSBE Shadow Initiative is here to serve as the premier leadership development program for NSBE members.

The NLI Fellows program will provide participants with the chance to get FREE leadership Training from October until April, while diligently working around each participant’s need for focus on achieving excellence within their academic studies.

This year, the program’s first and foremost purpose remains the same, which is to serve as an avenue for NSBE collegiate members to gain deeper access to leadership executive board positions within the organization. The program’s intent will be to inspire leadership and cultivate each member’s keen and innate potential for life success all in the hopes of allowing their success to in turn directly influence growth and prosperity within NSBE as a whole.

A more detailed list of just some of the benefits of participating is provided below : 

NLI Fellows Specific Benefits:

  • Strong national chapter recognition
  • Enhanced Networking skills
  • Exclusivity – behind the scenes look into the operations of NSBE
  • Increased understanding of NSBE operations and leadership positions
  • NSBE Leadership Application Assistance & Preparation
  • Development/Creation of LinkedIn Profiles
  • NLI Fellows prizes and gifts!
  • And More!


  • Must be a paid NSBE Member
  • Must complete the brief NLI Fellows Program Application no later than Wednesday, October 7th 2015 11:59 PM (EST)
  • Must attend the NLI Fellows Program Virtual Kick-off Event in October
  • Program Duration October 2015 April 2016
  • Fall Session (Oct – Dec) - Spring Session (Jan – Apr)

Official Informational Session:
  • Fellows Program Informational Conference Call: Sunday, October 4th 2015 7:00 pm EST
  • Dial In #: (641) 715 - 3580 Access Code: 670-395 *

  • Application Close: Wednesday, October 7th 2015 11:59pm (EST)
For any questions comments or concerns contact:

Samantha J. Kendrick
2015-2016 NLI Director of Leadership Development