Officially launched in January, 2010 NSBEpreneur™ is a program that is designed to increase the number of Black owned technical companies. The program consists of four core components. Four more information on the program or to support, contact the NSBE Business Diversity Committee at nebbusiness@nsbe.org.  

Training Institute

The Training Institute offers training for current and prospective business owners. The primary focus is on creating technical companies; however, the program is open and valuable for all. The training is offered via webinar, Regional and Annual Conferences and via local activities.

Elevator Pitch and Business Plan Competitions

The elevator pitch and business plan competitions occur at NSBE Conferences. NSBE members have the opportunity to present to panels of experts who can offer feedback and guidance. Prizes are awarded to the winning presenter(s). There are practice sessions and training offered throughout the year in preparation for the final competitions.

NSBE Showcase

For nearly twenty (20) years the NSBE Showcase (formerly the Marketplace) has been one of the most highly anticipated events of our Annual Convention. Each year nearly 8,000 members and supporters attend the NSBE Annual Convention. The NSBE Showcase gives NSBE members a venue to display their submisisons for the NSBE Science Fair, the poster competition, TRE Oral presentations, and a broader audience to present their Elevator Pitch/Business Plan presentations and Consulting Design Olympiad (CDO) presentations. The NSBE Innovatiosn Corner (formerly the Tech Expo), which is a component of the NSBE Showcase gives business owners the opportunities to showcase their products and promote their services to convention attendees.  

Supplier Diversity Initiative

The supplier diversity initiative is designed to increase the number Black-owned businesses which are being awarded contracts. The goal of the initiative is to assist NSBE members getting their businesses certified as Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and subsequently accessing them to procurement opportunities with NSBE sponsors.