Supplier Diversity Initiative

The supplier diversity initiative is designed to increase the number Black-owned businesses which are being awarded contracts. The goal of the initiative is to assist NSBE members getting their businesses certified as Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and subsequently accessing them to procurement opportunities with NSBE sponsors.

What is MBE Certification?

Each year, businesses provide over $100 billion in procurement opportunities for minority businesses. The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification plays a significant role in meeting this goal. This certification is obtained through a rigorous process to determine the minority representation of companies and the ability of the company to manage the daily operations at a level to meet the needs of the client. The MBE Certification opens business owners up to new opportunities to grow and maintain their enterprises.

MBE Database

In 2011, NSBE we launched the MBE Database. The database is an outlet for companies to locate technical and MBE-certified companies to partner with to meet their contracting and/or subcontracting needs.

Procurement opportunities

Many of the members of the NSBE Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) have award-winning supplier diversity procurement programs. View a list of our BCA and click on the company with which you want to pursue opportunity (search supplier diversity).