National Leadership Institute


The National Leadership Institute has matured from a four-day leadership conference to a year round development and training initiative. NLI encompasses the National Leadership Conference, six Regional Leadership Conferences, and leadership enhancement activities and workshop through the year for all members.

NSBE NLI Fellows Program

The NSBE National Leadership Institute Fellows Program, formerly known as the NSBE Shadow Initiative is here to serve as the premier leadership development program for NSBE members.

The NLI Fellows program will provide participants with the chance to get FREE leadership Training from October until April, while diligently working around each participant’s need for focus on achieving excellence within their academic studies.

This year, the program’s first and foremost purpose remains the same, which is to serve as an avenue for NSBE collegiate members to gain deeper access to leadership executive board positions within the organization. The program’s intent will be to inspire leadership and cultivate each member’s keen and innate potential for life success all in the hopes of allowing their success to in turn directly influence growth and prosperity within NSBE as a whole.


2020-2021 National Executive Board

Applications for the 2020-2021 NEB are now open!
Are you ready to step up to national leadership and lead the organization to accomplish the Mission? The National Executive Board (NEB) is responsible for setting the direction and policy for the membership of the entire society and overseeing NSBE in a holistic view. The NEB is also responsible for ensuring the mission is being achieved by monitoring the results of mission critical activities. Serving the membership as a member of the NEB is a fulfilling role that requires dedication and allows the development of leadership skills. We hope that you consider joining the NEB and taking part in the continuing the work of past servant leaders to move the society forward.

Applicants must be a paid NSBE member to be eligible.

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2020-2021 National Committee

Appications will open after May 2020.
Are you passionate about NSBE's mission? As an organization that practices servant leadership, there are many opportunities above and beyond the regional and national boards to advance the mission of NSBE at a national level. We can not achieve our directives supporting academic excellence and chapter empowerment without your help! We hope you consider leveraging your skills and experiences within a National Committee position. Any paid NSBE member can apply! 

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2020-2021 Professional Executive Board and Regional Board

Applications for the 2020-2021 PEB and RPEB is now open!
The Professionals Executive Board (PEB) is responsible for setting direction and policy for the professional membership of the organization as well as monitoring the results to ensure the organization is achieving its mission. Serving the membership on the national and regional level will both challenge and broaden your horizons. Please ensure you fully understand the commitment ahead of you and seek advice in preparation for this level of leadership as you will be responsible for the development of thousands of members..

Eligible applicants must be a paid NSBE member.