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Engineer Girl
The EngineerGirl website is a service of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). It grew out of the work of the Committee on the Diversity of the Engineering Workforce, and was launched in February of 2001. The EngineerGirl website is part of an NAE project to bring national attention to the opportunity that engineering represents to all people at any age, but particularly to women and girls. Bright, energetic girls from all around United States and Canada helped the NAE with the initial development of this site by serving on the Girls Advisory Board. The ongoing work of the site is overseen by the EngineerGirl Steering Committee. and we owe our continued existence to the generous support of our sponsors.
Contact: engineergirl@nae.edu
Grades: 6th - 8th
Availability: Nationally

Engineer Your Life
What's your idea of a dream job? Check out www.EngineerYourLife.org to learn about the many cool jobs in engineering, the inspiring experiences of women engineers, what it's like to be a student in an engineering program, and how you can get started on this exciting career path.
Contact: No direct contact information is available, however linking permissions/guidelines are directly available on the site.
Grades: 9th - 12th
Availability: Nationally

Girl Scouts of the USA
Girls push boundaries, test limits, and look at the world around them with inquisitive eyes. They're natural scientists! Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities that are relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, becoming math whizzes, or learning about careers in STEM fields, girls are moving forward into the future. They can host science fairs, design Web sites, plan for space exploration, visit geological sites and more.
Contact: Girl Scouts of the USA
Phone: 800-478-7248
Availability: Nationally

Girl Start
Girlstart's mission is to empower girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Founded in Austin, Texas, in 1997, Girlstart is one of the few community-based informal education programs in the nation specifically dedicated to empowering and equipping K–12 girls in STEM. Girlstart develops and implements a range of innovative, research-based education and mentorship programs designed to promote girls’ early engagement and academic success in STEM, encourage postsecondary aspirations and persistence in the STEM pipeline among women and other under-represented groups, and develop a diverse STEM workforce for the 21st century.
Contact: info@girlstart.org      
512-916-4775 x21
Grades: K-12th
Availability: Austin, TX

NASA GIRLS Virtual Mentoring Program
NASA G.I.R.L.S (Giving Initiative and Relevance to Learning Science) is a virtual mentoring program using commercially available video chat programs to pair Women @NASA mentors with a young girl anywhere in the country.
Contact: Mamta Patel Nagaraja                         
Email:  hq-women@nasa.gov
Grades: 5th - 8th

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