Retention Program

The NSBE Retention Program will serve as an umbrella for three different programmatic pieces designed for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. From the freshman year, leading into the student’s senior year there are different aims to help them advance their career, as well as improve their academic performance. This program starts at increasing the number of first-year prospective students who successfully matriculate into a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) major for their sophomore year. It ends with successfully matching students with professional mentors, to help the students get a job in a STEM related field.

Skill Development Workshops: Skill Development Workshops are chapter level sessions that are designed to help chapter members develop their soft skills as well as interact with individuals who can aid in their development. This area of the retention program focuses on enhancing the academic soft skills of members participating in the program.
Skill Development Workshops Toolkit

Study Halls: Study Halls are meant to help our members, especially first year students taking calculus, physics, chemistry, and certain engineering courses to “excel academically”. This area of the retention program focuses on encouraging students to work together with each other, tutors, and different faculty to help improve the students understanding of course material.
Study Halls

Academic Mentorship: The academic mentoring component exists to establish a system of peer accountability and trust. This area of the retention program focuses on pairing students with either upperclassmen or professionals for them to serve as a resources for the student.
Academic Mentorship

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