Will you accept the Challenge?

Did you know that sixty percent of Black Freshman entering engineering do not successfully complete their first year? As an organization that seeks to “increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers…”, we are the most relevant demographic to defeat this unsettling fact! The NSBE Retention Program was developed by members like you to do just that. The purpose of the NSBE Retention Program is to improve the four year and five year graduation rates of Blacks in the field of engineering. You can learn more about the program’s origin with the Clarkson NSBE Chapter here.

So my question for every NSBE member reading this is very simple – will you accept the challenge to battle the attrition of black engineers on YOUR campus? How will YOU be involved? The NSBE Retention Program is a great way to accept the challenge. Your National Chairperson Calvin Phelps has set the goal for us as a society to reach 100 chapters joining in the effort that is the NSBE Retention Program.

What makes the NSBE Retention Program unique is that it is a fundamental structure provided for chapters to promote effective study habits, cultivate constructive academic relationships, and increase the skillset of their respective memberships. Each and every chapter is encouraged to use this structure to implement the program in such a way that is best for its respective campus and membership. Together we can cultivate a culture of academics! Here’s what some of the chapters who participated last year had to say:

“The progress on the program has been gradual and it has already had a great impact. The students enjoy the fact that our focus has shifted more on initiating programs catered more towards them”

– University of Michigan

“Overall the Program has had a positive effect. Many members have abandoned their old method of trying to do it all themselves…”

-University of Central Florida

Need help putting the NSBE Retention Program on your campus? The National Programs Team is committed to helping you begin, maintain, and develop the NSBE Retention Program within your chapter. Register your chapter on IMPak and we will contact you!

For more information on chapter awards, implementation, and resources, please check out the documents on the NSBE Retention Program on the programs downloads page of the website. Contact us at programs@nsbe.org.