Hello Region 1 NSBE Jr Members,

My name is Cliff Freeman and I am your 2015-2016 Pre College Initiative Conference Planning Committee Chairperson and it is my pleasure to be serving the Most Valuable Members, yes MVMs, this year at the 2015 Fall Regional Conference. I made a promise to myself that the workshops, competitions, and entertainment this year at FRC would be a new and thrilling experience for all NSBE Jr members because that is what you deserve. My passion for the Pre College membership to grow as leaders is very apparent and critically aligned with NSBE's strategic vision. The Pre-College Initiative, in my opinion, is the most important component to achieving NSBE's 2025 strategic plan on graduating 10k Black Engineers. What we have been doing historically is making sure our engineers that come in are graduating, but what I think has been missing is a overwhelming push for members of the NSBE community to impact, influence, and engage a sea of their younger Pre-College counterparts. Without a sea of newly influenced markets of students the plan of 10k will be very hard. By you reading this message and attending FRC this year, the space and road to success will be an easy one. Keep It Lit!
One Love,
Cliff Freeman


NSBE Jr. Mini Conference at FRC:

Hyatt Regency Rochester and Rochester Riverside Convention Center
125 E Main St,
Rochester, NY 14604

October 29, 2015 to November 1, 2015


2015-2016 NSBE Jr. Programs:

The Ballooniture competition is geared to reinforce what NSBE jr members know about weight and surface space. The goal of this competion is to create a structure of any kind to support one person by using only balloons and string!

NSBE Jr. Explorer: Technical Innovation Competition (TIC)
NSBE Jr. Explorer takes place at NSBEs annual convention. A science fair workshop may take place at your fall regional conferences depending on availability of resources. This initiative will help give NSBE Jr. members a better understanding of the science fair by gaining in-depth knowledge of the process and meeting industry professionals. This program is tailored to allow pre-college students the opportunity to compete and explore the many applications of science utilizing projects, competitions, and science fairs.

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL)
Try-Math-A-Lon takes place at fall regional conferences (FRC) and NSBEs annual convention. The first place winner at each FRC competes on the national level. The goal of the program is to increase the math skills of at risk black students in preparation for standardized testing as well as success in college.

Marble Run
The Marble Run Challenge is aRegion 1 first! This challenge is geared toward NSBE jr members with a thirst to incresea their sense of distance, speed, momentum and ability to build stable structures for launching objects.

Paper competition
The Paper Project is a NSBE design competion where members can gain technical exposure to Project Management, Design Engineering, Test Engineering as well as develop soft skills such as problem solving, working in teams, time management and public speaking.

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