2019-2020 International Committee Chair

Lynnd Nkodia

Hello Strong Members,

I am Mounzenze Nkodia you can call me Lynnd, the new 2019-2020 International Committee Chair. I am more than happy to serve this year the zone that holds so much fire and contribute a lot in numbers on Region I. I am currently a senior at New York Institute of Technology studying Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace and minoring in Mathematics. Before I start stating my goals, I want you to know how impressed I am of how you keep up with activities, creativity, membership In NSBE although you are based in Africa. Shout out to all of you, you are great leaders.

Over this year I hope to, first, strengthen the atmosphere of family by encouraging the existing chapters to support each other by collaborating and communicating more. I would love to awaken the francophone part of the West Africa Zone by starting chapters in Burkina Faso, Cameroun and Ivory Coast. This will also help to increase membership in the Zone to at least 55.

It is impossible to not notice that a lot of the members in the West Africa zone are professional which is why I want the zone to have strong relationship with local companies to hopefully create opportunities of insertion of members to the professional world, for the professional members to keep increasing. Finally, I want to work on academic excellence, I would like to introduce tutoring in tribal languages.

I acknowledge that all these goals require a lot of work, consistency, devotion and patience. However, I would like to believe that they can be achieved or at least started in such a little amount of time with your support and trust. I want you to know that this position exists only because of you as a zone. This alone increases my drive and force me to be thankful to the amazing zone that you are. Thank you for existing.

Always with Love,

Mounzenze Nkodia 

2019-20 International Committee Chair

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