2017-2018 Region 1 Scholarships

The main purpose for giving out scholarships and incentives is to reward students and chapters who excelled in academic initiatives for recognition in the society. There are a multitude of scholarships available on the regional and national level. Free money is available just for you! See below for individual Scholarships, as well as, chapter incentive awards. All applicants must be paid, active NSBE members.

Importance of Academic Excellence

In a world where individuals are defined by their actions so too people of color. Academic Excellence especially in NSBE stems from the idea of not just proving to the world that people of color can succeed, but to also prove to yourselves that you have the capability to do so as well. Each and everyone of you are scholarly gifted individuals who are leaders in your respective community. So lets continue encourage and retain our members in the stem field. Promote each others interests as if it were your own. Use all the resources available to you in your university and incorporate the three main components of the Retention Program (Mentorship, Study Hall, Skill Development).
For when one of our brothers and sisters succeeds, we all succeed. One F1YAH

GPA Verification

Going forward you do not need to send a transcript to WHQ because now when you enter your GPA on your member profile, your chapter advisor/school official can log onto their account and click a button to verify. Once that is done, those individuals have full access and verification to apply to those scholarships. If you don't have an advisor please inform your R1 Academic Excellence Chair at so we can make the necessary updates.

Kolawale Glover Scholarship - $1000

This scholarship goes to a NSBE collegiate member who has held a position on a chapter or zone executive board for at least one academic year and has demonstrated academic excellence, professionalism, and cultural responsibility. This scholarship was created in memoriam of the late Region 1 Regional Executive Board member, Kolawale Glover.

Applicants for this scholarship must have:
  • Be a paid NSBE member
  • Have a GPA of 2.7 or higher on a 4.0 GPA scale
  • Held a position on the chapter, zone or region executive board for at least one year
The application requires a 300 word essay that includes:
  • How you were able to maintain academic excellence
  • The actions you took on behalf of the membership during your time in leadership
  • The steps you took on the road to Professional Success, for yourself or others
  • How you have promoted cultural responsibility and community development in your life and the lives of those around you
Application Deadline: October 31st, 2017

Retention Program Scholarship - $500

This scholarship goes to a collegiate member whose chapter is registered for the Retention program for the 2017-2018 academic year. The objective is to award chapters and members who participate in NSBE’s Retention Program. There is no minimum GPA for this scholarship.

Applicants for this scholarship:
  • Be a paid NSBE member
  • Belong to a chapter with a registered NSBE Retention Program
  • Have a verified GPA
The application also requires an essay of no less than 300 words on how the Retention Program helped you academically and how you would improve it.

Application Deadline: March 1st, 2018

Head Start - $500

This is a book scholarship for senior NSBE Jr. students who have been accepted into a college or university. To be eligible for this scholarship, each candidate must be entering a STEM major. The candidate must also submit an essay, a copy of their college acceptance letter, and transcripts. There is no minimum GPA requirement.

All applicants must:
  • Be a registered NSBE Jr. member
  • Be entering a STEM major
  • Have been accepted to an accredited college or university
The application requires a 300 word essay, a copy of the college acceptance letter, and a transcript. The essay should address the following:
  • Your long-term and short-term goals academically.
  • The impact you want to have with your STEM degree.
Application Deadline: March 1st, 2018


Be sure to apply National Scholarships too!!