Technical OutReach and Community Help (T.O.R.C.H.)


Greetings to the NSBE Membership and Communities of REGION1!

My name is Zainab Agboola and I am so very glad to serve our great region as your 2017-2018 Technical OutReach and Community Help (TORCH) Chairperson.

The TORCH program is one that is extremely close to my heart. It is the single NSBE program that emphasizes community involvement and uplift. It is my belief that we whom have been raised by our respective communities and whom are now privileged enough to further our education, have an obligation to repay our communities for all of the seeds of success that have been sown in our lives.

Membership of Region 1, this is a call to action! We must repay our debt and we can do so by providing exclusive opportunities of education and service to our community members.

The TORCH program consists of activities that fall under the following categories: Informal Science and Engineering, Stem Community Training, Technical Expertise Services, Traditional Community Service.

Not only are these activities relatively easy to plan and execute but they also provide us the exclusive opportunity to connect with our community and impact the lives of so many people. Not to mention, you may be mentoring the next Fortune 500 CEO. Our community is a reservoir of potential so let’s pull it all out.

My goal for this term is change the language and culture of STEM in our communities and make the field of engineering more tangible to our youth and young adults. But to do this I will need all hands on deck!

In return I vow to be an ever present resource to you by providing sound and concrete advice, time, and direct connection to the National TORCH Committee by serving as your National Director of Strategic Development. It is also important to me that you are not doing the work of TORCH alone. I plan to lead the Region 1 TORCH program by example. So look out for your TORCH chair because I just may be serving in your area next!

Lastly I want to thank each and every member that has committed themselves to this worthy cause. I look forward to working with you to build up our region and make NSBE the new face of resources for our communities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I am always here and ready to help !

Zainab Agboola

2017-2018 Technical Outreach and Community Help Chairperson
"TORCH: NSBE's commitment to our communities."
Region 1 Executive Board
National Society of Black Engineers