Greetings Region II!

Greetings, Region II and NSBE Family,


Welcome to the official site of the MODEL Region of the National Society of Black Engineers. My name is Obum Egolum and I have the distinct honor and pleasure of serving you as your Region II Chairperson for the 2018-2019 NSBE Term!


Over the past years of my NSBE journey, NSBE has been a strong support system of academic support for myself, my friends, and other STEM students throughout the Region. As much support as NSBE has given me, I noticed that there was something that could be done differently in order to increase NSBE’s reach and in turn support for STEM students. After I figured that out I resolved to tackling this problem through my Regional Directive of Academic Excellence. I want to go beyond the regular study sessions in order to improve the way the Region provides root academic support. This year my focus is on improving membership success through academic excellence by way of creating strategic partnerships at Universities. The purpose of the strategic partnerships will be to tap into ways to support the membership, provide tools for the membership, and ultimately help us reach our goal of graduating 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025.


What I want the membership to get out of my term this year is a better understanding of what it means to create a strategic partnership, what they can do for you, and a kick start into a better way to be academically excellent! A strategic partnership by definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary is “an arrangement between two companies or organizations to help each other or work together, to make it easier for each of them to achieve the things they want to achieve.” Region II, we know the goal we have before us and now it is time to put in the work to get there. I wholeheartedly believe that if we succeed in this Directive that it will change the way Region II does academics, making you all a force to be reckoned with by ultimately increasing your GPAs.


The Region II Executive Board is 2HYPE to get the ball rolling and accomplish the task at hand and now it is time to bring you on board. This is the start of something new and it is only right that The MODEL Region leads the way with the HYPEST membership in the society. Again, I am truly honored to have been selected to lead this charge and that you have entrusted me to lead the Region. You know what we have to do, now it is time to execute!


In true Region II fashion, Keep It “2222222 HYPE!”,

Obum Egolum



2018-2019 NSBE Region II Chairperson