Greetings from your Region II PCI Chair!

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My name is Mark Orebiyi and I have been appointed to serve as your Region II Pre-College Initiative Chair for the 2017-2018 term. I was born in our nation’s capital Washington DC, on November 7th 1994, and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. I graduated from Springbrook High School, home of the Blue Devils, in 2012. As of May 20th 2017, I will have graduated from Eastern University with Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics and from Villanova University with Bachelors of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  

I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering with a concentration of International Development at Villanova University starting summer of 2017. As I pursue my Master’s, my thesis work will be directed towards STEM Activity within the Greater Philadelphia Area and also within developing countries. As a Graduate student, I will be a Graduate Assistant for two entities at Villanova University that are designed to introduce the multiple fields of engineering to students in under-resourced communities and schools throughout the United States.

My involvement with STEM throughout my collegiate career has greatly influenced my decision to hold this position. I believe that in order to achieve the mission of this organization successfully, educating the younger generation through involvement in NSBE Jr. Chapters, conferences, meeting, and extracurricular activities is essential. This goal cannot and will not be achieved without the participation and efforts of the active members in NSBE. I look forward to upholding all the general duties and responsibilities that this position holds with a positive attitude and continual guidance from my executive board, advisory committee, and national counterpart. I am blessed to have this opportunity.

Mark Orebiyi

Region II PCI Chair