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Membership - Region 3

2019-2020 Chapter of the Year Instructions


How to submit

There are 2 parts that need to be completed to successfully submit for chapter of the year. First, each chapter must have an executive board member fill out the 2019-2020 Chapter of the Year Submission Form.

Submission Form: Here


Second, there is a google drive folder for Chapter of the Year submissions in which each chapter needs to upload all forms of supporting documentation.  The google drive folder can be found using the link below. Within that folder, a Chapter Executive Officer must create another folder with the chapter’s name on it, and then upload their documentation accordingly.


Link to Google Drive Folder: Here

A chapter can upload their documentation in whatever format they choose. However,  neatness and organization is still important. Please consider creating various subfolders or one condensed pdf file.  


Finally, please remember to use the official NSBE Attendance Sheet for reporting attendance numbers. Leave event registration number as N/A. Put N/A in boxes you don’t have the information for. You will not lose points for putting N/A.


Official NSBE Attendance Sheet: Here


View Chapter of The Year Criteria: Here


Note: There are 3 winners for Chapter of the Year

Small Chapter of the Year: 25 Members or less

Medium Chapter of the Year: 25-75 Members

Large Chapter of the Year: 75+ Members



Being a new system any and all feedback is welcomed to help improve the selecting chapter of the year. If you have questions or feedback please direct them to r3international@nsbe.org and r3programs@nsbe.org