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Programs' Welcome - Region 3


Programs Welcome


Welcome to the Region III Programs Zone. As the Programs Zone, we are here to serve the needs of the Powerhouse Region and “Enhancing the R3 Experience!” Our implementation of programs, workshops, events, and competitions are geared towards supporting the mission and our membership. 
The Programs Zone includes : Academic Excellence (AEx), Pre-College Initiative (PCI), and Technical 
OutReach Community Help (TORCH). As a zone, we will work with all levels of membership to ensure that they are “Enhancing their R3 Experience,” via programs. As the heart and soul of the Society, it is our job to implement the most innovate programming to excite and engage the Powerhouse Region, and for the membership to fulfill the NSBE mission.

Without the heart and soul of the Programs, there is no NSBE !

Areas of Focus:
• Academic Excellence
• Technical Expertise 
• Pre-Collegiate Outreach
• Retention Program 
• Leadership Development 


Kiara McCray
Region III Programs Chairperson (2015-2016)