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Join us during March 21-March 25, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA for NSBE's 44th Annual Convention.

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Greetings NSBE Family,

Over the past couple months, the 2017 hurricane season has devastated the southeastern United States, the Caribbean Islands, and Central America.  Deemed one of the top 10 most active hurricane seasons of all time, many lives have been forever impacted. Members from all demographic levels in Region III (NSBE Jr., Collegiate, and Professionals) have taken strides to recoup and resume with their new normal. Families there have, and continue, to endure no electricity, infrastructure damage, and lack of access to proper amounts of food and clean water. Furthermore, this transitioning process has not been easy and the relief efforts need more traction.

For those reasons, the Region III Executive Board sends its sincerest condolences and prayers to those affected by this hurricane season impacting Region III, we are kicking off a relief fund campaign.

Here in the Powerhouse, we pride ourselves in our ability to come together to have striking impact on our community with STEM programs and initiatives. Let us now come together in a ‘T.H.R.E.E. Ready’ fashion to challenge, not only ourselves, but the rest of the society to step in the gap, and rally around this supportive effort to aid our members in need.

We ask that all members consider committing their support Region III members’ efforts to reclaim their lives by clicking here to contribute.


All funds will be dispersed through an application process coordinated by Region III leadership.

Click Here to apply for funds

With much NSBE love,

Shabir A. K. Bhegani
2017-2018 Region III Chair
National Society of Black Engineers

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