October Chapter W.S.U.P. Monthly Spotlight

Michigan State University

Michigan State University has received this month’s Chapter W.S.U.P. spotlight for not only fulfilling the best in class requirements but going above and beyond to provide website users as much information as possible in a stunning format. One unique component of MSU’s website is their chapter’s 2016 - 17 Goals under their About Us tab, providing strategic information about their plans to attract and retain membership. This information is valuable for members or corporate sponsors wanting to know more about the direction of the chapter and the planning going into an academic year. This information, along with everything else on the website, is presented with images and a cohesive color scheme to provide website visitors with more than just text on a webpage.

Another attractive feature on the website is the chapter activities for the quarter, which are presented both in calendar format and in an Upcoming Events tab, and includes both regional and chapter events, as well as E-board meetings and deadlines for members. Even entering the website, users are shown an advertisement for a Blaze fundraiser to attend, which is another push for people to attend upcoming events. All of these components are symbolic of the regular updates that a website should have in order to fully engage their members with new content.

If you want your chapter to be featured for the Best in Class Website for the month, read through the W.S.U.P criteria document and send in your chapter website & a banner for your school to r4secretary@nsbe.org and r4telecom@nsbe.org.