The Vanguard Region:

“Operating at the forefront and setting the standards for others to follow"
Welcome to Region V!!! Region V is called the Vanguard Region because we are the first to make things happen in the Society. We set the standard in the Society, in fact we are the 1st to establish higher criteria to become a member of the Regional Executive Board. To be a leader you have to be an example for the Region, so that when people look up to you they see living proof of what we stand for.
Another reason why we are called the Vanguard Region is for the programing that we have created. We were the ones who were 1st to host A Walk For Education (AWFE), which is now a National Program. To support Academic Excellence we were 1st to establish Regional Scholarships, 1st to host the National Leadership Conference (NLC), 1st to have a Strategic Planning and Research Conference (SPRC) and 1st to have the Spring Regional Conference (SPRC).
We also are recognized for the Region V NSBE Pipeline. We were the 1st to establish a NSBE Jr. Executive Board (RJEB), the 1st to conduct the NSBE Kid Zone Conference (KZC) and 1st to host the Pre- College Initiative Mini-Conference at the Fall Regional Conference. In support of the NSBE pipeline our REB was the 1st to establish a Regional Advisory Board (RAB) that not only advises the REB, but provides advice and mentorship to the Regional Professional Executive Board (RPEB) along with all of the NSBE chapters in the Vanguard Region.
The Vanguard Region has always been and forever will be the Region that sets the standard for the Society.

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