Region V Chair Welcome

Danae Nash



Welcome to the Vanguard Region, Region 5 of the National Society of Black Engineers(NSBE). My name is Danae N. Nash and I have the honor of serving as Region V’s 2020-2021 chairperson. I feel like we can all agree to say 2020 is personal and during this term, the society will FEEL the Five


When I say FEEL, it stands for Family, Effective Operations, Empowerment, and Leadership Development; which are the directives set for the 2020-2021 term of the Vanguard Region. As chairperson of this region, myself and my team have made a commitment and are at work to see it through. Through servant leadership, we will ensure we work to the best of our ability to meet the needs of our membership however needed. We will continue to implement innovative ways to provide our membership opportunities excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. We are in times that are going to make history in and out of this Society and we need each other more than ever which brings me to my last point that we will all do this together, with unity. We will continue to foster the family bond we have here in the Vanguard by ensuring our membership is heard, empowered, developed.


I believe it is important to have a family atmosphere in all that we do because the initiatives and workshops we hold can be found anywhere in different variations from a number of organizations and resources offered, but to have a family away from your family isn’t everywhere. The family-like atmosphere, mutual desire to help each other be great, and genuine bonds made along the way are what keep this organization going, leverages the NSBE ecosystem, and makes the love & passion for NSBE that much stronger. Effective operations are important because we want to make sure membership benefits in some way from the operations we hold in order to keep them coming back, gain the desire to get more involved, as well as develop, grow, and secure the future of NSBE. Empowerment is well deserved to our membership who all take on so much being engineering students, active NSBE members, and much more in all levels of Region V NSBE. Knowing their efforts and achievements don’t go unnoticed and are appreciated goes a long way. Leadership development is important for both each individual and the region in order to lead with purpose as we continue the legacy of greatness produced within our members along with the state of the Vanguard in its entirety.


I am thrilled to work with many key players such as our Regional executive board, advisors, NSBE jr, the Region V Professionals board, the National executive board, WHQ, many more, and most importantly, all of membership this year in increasing our efforts to follow NSBE’s mission and national directive of graduating 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025.


We have a lot of focus points to cover with our mission, national directives, and our regional directives, but I have no doubt in my mind the Vanguard family will ensure this society will FEEL the Five, Region 5 NSBE.





Sent With NSBELuv,




Danae N. Nash