Texas Zone Chair (Red)


Prairie View A&M University


McKinney, TX

Former NSBE leadership roles:

Chapter Freshman Executive Board Secretary
Chapter Secretary
Chapter President


From McKinney, TX, Taylor likes to create arts and crafts, make delicious treats for her small, self run business called "Treats by Taylor", and watch Grey's Anatomy. She has a really outgoing and bubbly personality, and has a great passion for giving back and helping others, which is why she joined NSBE. A senior chemical engineering major, she aspires to graduate and work full time in a sourcing or commercial role before becoming a global executive officer one day.

Why do you love NSBE and what inspired you to join the REB?

I love NSBE because it is the reason for so many of my success today! I met all of my mentors and best friends through NSBE who have provided me with resources to pass my classes and allowed me to borrow books when I lacked funds to purchase my own. These mentors were there for me when I felt I wasn't able, and motivated and showed me just how capable I am with receiving my first offer letter. They gave me confidence and taught me to be a leader which drove me to return the favor and help others. These same mentors moved up in NSBE and participated on the regional and national level, which encouraged me to follow in their footsteps to do the same and give back!