This year Region V will be taking a NEW APPROACH to help the members excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community! As Region V, we would like to RECOGNIZE the accomplishments of our NSBE chapters and chapter members throughout various projects such as Success Element Selfie, Guaranteed 4.0, Engineering Olympics, NSBE Video Buzz and so on. So, my NSBE FAM without waiting any longer, let’s take our Region V to another level of accomplishments! As we have always pledged to be the BEST and MODEL Region, once again, we’ll held ourselves accountable and lead by example! Let’s Do This!

This year Region V will support all of the National Directives in order to fulfill our NSBE mission! Please check our different program sections in the above toolbar (under the 'Programs' tab; PCI, Academic Excellence, etc.) for information on all of the programs that Region V will be supporting this year.

Academic Excellence