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Sandia National Labaratories  - Master's Fellowship Program

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Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] Diversity Recruitment Program

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Retention Program (Detail)

The NSBE Retention Program is a cornerstone of academic excellence. It is designed to sustain members enrolled in an engineering program and help them graduate with an engineering degree. The primary goal of the NSBE Retention Program is to improve the overall graduation rates of minorities in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The NSBE Retention program has 3 target areas of focus: Mentoring, Study Halls, and Skill Development Workshops. All  are designed to help students succeed and aims to truly develop professional skills.
Below are brief descriptions of each target area.


GPA Verification

Collegiate GPA 



Skill Development Workshops 

This area of the retention program focuses on enhancing the academic and professional development skills of members participating in the program. Examples include resume building, mock interviews, and career fair preparation, etc.


Study Halls 

This area of the retention program focuses on encouraging students to work together with each other, tutors, and various faculty/staff members to help improve the students understanding of course material.


This area of the retention program focuses on pairing students with either upperclassmen, NSBE Regional members, and NSBE professionals for them to serve as a resources for the student. In addition, a Mentor to Mentor program is being interwired into academic excellence. Please stay tuned for further details regarding the program.


Academic Technical Bowl


Technical Research Exhibition

Contact Region V Academic Excellence Chair, McKenzie Brown for more information!

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