The Trebuchet (Catapult)

2 Students have the opportunity to construct a medieval trebuchet from balsa wood.  Students will design and experiment with different counterweights and lever lengths, all the while learning the mathematics that apply to the moving projectiles.  The students will also learn concepts like horizontal and vertical motion as well as energy transfer.

Wind Turbine

3 Students focus on how wind energy can be generated on both a large and small scale. Student teams design and build a working wind turbine out of everyday products and learn about anemometer as well as site testing. As wind energy continue to grow in the energy market, it’s vital that the students become exposed to clean alternatives for fossil fuels.


Gravity Cruiser

Picture2.pngStudent teams design and construct a vehicle that is powered by gravity. A weighted lever connected to an axle by string rotates on its fulcrum; as the weight descends it causes the axle attached to the string to rotate, propelling the cruiser forward. Concepts explored include potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia, momentum, diameter, circumference, measurement, graphing, and constructing a prototype.


Remote Control Machine

rcm-(1).jpgStudent teams design and construct a  battery powered remote control vehicle capable of maneuvering, lifting, and twisting.  Students focus on adapting mechdesigns to meet performance constraints. Concepts explored include simple machines, gears, pulleys, levers, simple circuits and constructing a prototype.



glider-(1).jpgUsing the engineering design process student teams design gliders that can successfully meet performance constraints. A balsa wood fuselage and fully customizable styrofoam sheets allow students to experiment with wing shape and placement and its effects on flight path. Concepts explored include potential energy, kinetic energy, center of gravity, and application of forces.



drone-(1).jpgStudents learn about drone technology, UAVs and the modern day uses for such technology. Using a quadcopter drone students explore concepts such as center of gravity vs center of lift, thrust, and more while learning how this new technology can help solve real-world problems.


Cyber Security

cyber-security.pngStudent design teams learn about the intricacies and importance of cyber security. Using an interactive lesson plan students explore how security affects their everyday lives and how to maximize safety and protection against threats, and attacks. Concepts such as network structure, password security and authentication will be covered.


tynker.pngStudent design teams create their own program using Tynker software that conforms to design and application constraints. Students learn about the basics of coding, logic, and the engineering design process. Concepts such as algorithms, binary code, and the use of Tynker software will be covered.




Students explore the world of fragrance and flavors through several hands-on activities.  Fragrance is studied through its many applications ranging from household products all the way to perfume. Similarly, the students study components and the development of flavors. Concepts explored include decoding the olfactory, fragrance development, flavor profiling, and product marketing.









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