Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Student and Parent FAQs

When will the 2020 SEEK Student Application open?

Student Registration will open January 17, 2020!!

Are there any changes with the SEEK Student Application?  

Yes. All parents and guardians registering students must create an account with an elgible email address. You will have to verify your address via email before moving forward with the applicaiton. Click here to access the application.

Since there is no longer a first come, first serve process, how are students selected?

Students determined to most benefit from the SEEK experience will be selected for participation. Criteria for selection includes, but not limited to: Gender, age/grade, household income, previous SEEK participation, previous SEEK attendance record, sibling participation, NSBE Jr. membership status, membership with a NSBE partner organization and other student selection criteria required by funders, school districts, etc. Students will be accepted on a rolling basis and the application will stay open until the start of the program.

How will I know if I've been accepted?

While some SEEK sites will accept students on a rolling basis, SEEK staff intends to inform parents of an acceptance decision as early as March 1st and complete the process in April.

Will there be a waiting list?  

This year, we are keeping the application open until May 2020 so that we can see the true demand for SEEK. As additional slots become open in the program, our staff will accept students from the pool of completed applications.


Can I give a donation to the SEEK Program?  

Yes! And we ask that all parents, family members and supporters who have benefited from the program to please make a donation. Each SEEK site is sponsored by a company or organization. However, in many cases, sponsorship dollars can not cover all costs. Receiving donations can allow us to open up more spaces at sites for students. To give a donation, please visit the Donate to SEEK page today.

Mentor FAQs

How do I apply to become a SEEK staff member?

The SEEK Staff Application can be found at: The application link is located at the very bottom.

I've already applied, when will I know if I've been selected?
The application review process will begin in December 2019 and our process, thereafter, will be on a rolling basis.

Do I have to be an engineering or STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) major to serve as a mentor?

No, you're not required to be an engineering major but every classroom is encouraged to have at least one STEM major. Education and non-STEM majors that focus on the social and behavioral development of students such as social work are highly encouraged to apply.

Is housing provided?

There is a very limited amount of housing provided at select sites. Each site has different sponsoring levels, therefore, we can not accommodate everyone in every city.

Is preference given to mentors who have housing?

Yes, but you must also all requirements to be a mentor. Highly ranked applicants who have local housing and transportation to get to and from the site will given preference.


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