NSBE Showcase

For nearly twenty (20) years the NSBE Showcase (formerly the Marketplace) has been one of the most highly anticipated events of our Annual Convention. Each year nearly 8,000 members and supporters attend the NSBE Annual Convention. The NSBE Showcase gives NSBE members a venue to display their submissions for the NSBE Science Fair, the poster competition, TRE Oral presentations, and a broader audience to present their Elevator Pitch/Business Plan presentations and Consulting Design Olympiad (CDO) presentations. The NSBE Innovations Corner (formerly the Tech Expo), which is a component of the NSBE Showcase gives business owners the opportunities to showcase their products and promote their services to convention attendees.

The Innovations Corner

 A component of the NSBE Showcase, the Innovations Corner is an opportunity for NSBE members and other Black business owners to promote their products and services. The Innovations Corner occur during the Fall Regional and Annual Conferences. The NSBE Innovations Corner focuses on technical businesses and introducing the business owners to potential clients.  

Convention registration is not required to participate in the innovations corner; however, convention registration is required to participate in additional convention activities. Note: Innovations corner participants are not allowed to recruit within the event. For information on recruiting please email the NSBE Corporate Relations team at

*Download the Annual Convention Innovations Corner Registration Packet.  For vendors who wish to sell their goods or services, please download the Vendor Packet.

NSBE 39th Annual Convention
March 27 – 31, 2013
Indianapolis, IN

* Any business owner who wishes to sell items bearing the NSBE name, logo or acronym within the Expo must be licensed to do so. Licensing fees are separate from NSBE Expo registration fees. Vendors who arrive at NSBE Expo without a license will not be granted a refund. Please contact the National Business Diversity Chairperson for information on the expo or licensing at