Greetings from The National Chair

NSBE Members and Friends, 

Greetings! I thank you for entrusting me with the great honor and responsibility of serving our 24,000-member organization as its national chair, as we embark on another auspicious year for the National Society of Black Engineers.

This is an extremely exciting time for me, as I hope it is for you. Attending NSBE’s largest-ever Annual Convention with more than 14,000 others this past March in Detroit left me very confident about the advancement of NSBE’s mission this year. And then participating in our very successful 2019 National Leadership Conference at the Georgia Institute of Technology has made me very optimistic about our progress toward our “10K Goal.” The goal, set by NSBE’s National Executive Board in 2015, is to work with our academic partners in the United States to increase the country’s number of black bachelor’s degree recipients in engineering to 10,000 annually, by 2025. 

There is an acronym I like to use to recall what I see as NSBE’s highest values and priorities: F.O.C.U.S., which stands for family, opportunity, commitment, unity and servant leadership. I am happy to say that the work so far with our Society’s student leadership has shown me that we have a firm grasp on these concepts and that we are prepared to govern, and serve, effectively, guided by NSBE’s National Directives for the year:

  • Lead With Purpose – to promote the growth and development of our membership;
  • Leverage the NSBE Ecosystem – to heighten the visibility of NSBE’s community impact; and
  • Secure the Future of NSBE – by implementing our organizational strategy and using our best practices.

This year, I call on you and every member of NSBE to realize your own importance to the Society and to be aware of the critical need for our leadership and general membership to work as one, to assure that the National Society of Black Engineers continues to thrive, for the benefit of black communities and the broader community in the U.S. and abroad.

I believe that this year, 2020-21, is the essential year to F.O.C.U.S. our efforts and passion for NSBE, as we are poised to realize our full potential during this time, five to six years away from NSBE 2025. I look forward to meeting you this year as we collaborate in this amazing organization to accomplish great things, together.

Toward 10K!

Jocelyn Jackson
2019–21 National Chair
National Society of Black Engineers