Limited seats available!
First 25 students to register will receive travel stipend and free lodging.

Code Success @ NSBE is a Google sponsored program committed to increasing the number of black engineers in the field of computer science. The year-round engagement provides NSBE collegiate members interested in computer science, technology, software engineering and web design with opportunities to further their interest in computer science (CS) by offering robust coding programming to enhance their knowledge and skills.

As part of the program, the Code Success @ NSBE Bootcamp will offer a 1.5 day-long workshop that will present coding curriculum to NSBE Members. Participants will receive instruction in coding languages such as JavaScript, JAVA, Python, and Ruby. The program will begin one day prior to FRC and conclude before Opening Session allowing students to fully engage in FRC events. The session are intended to be a tool for members interested in pursuing Computer Science degrees, providing them with access to resources and opportunities that develop their skills and interest in this field. Specially, this training will allow members to acquire and develop the necessary skills to succeed as they pursue CS degrees and enter the workforce.

Please contact Alejandra Guzman at with any questions.



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