The purpose of chapter awards is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of members and chapters within Region I, to encourage and inspire others to continue striving for their best. 

In Region I, we have a total of 112 active chapters; 32 of them are NSBE Jr. chapters, 66 of them are Collegiate, and 14 of them are Professional. By providing chapter awards, we are giving 112 chapters the opportunity to showcase the work they are doing, but we are also acknowledging that some chapters stand out more and can serve as an example for other chapters to follow. 

The different award types are to provide a fair opportunity for chapters to earn an award. Within each zone, chapters also have the opportunity to earn zone-based recognition. The Fall Regional Conference Pre-Collegiate Initiative STEM Mini-Conference also offers awards for NSBE Jr. chapters that participate in competitions and earn the top two spots. Last, from a national level, chapters are evaluated and can earn an award for the work they have done in their chapter and region.

Award Types

  • (Member/ Chapter) of Summer
  • (Member/ Chapter) of September
  • (Member/ Chapter) of October
  • (Member/ Chapter) of the Fall
  • (Member/ Chapter) of the Winter
  • (Member/ Chapter) of February
  • (Member/ Chapter) of the Spring
  • (Member/ Chapter) of the Year

Most Recent Awards (2019)

  • Chapter of the Summer – Rutgers University (Rutgers)
  • Member of the Summer– Eva Dibong (RPI)
  • Chapter of September– Northeastern University (NEU)
  • Member of September– Beverly Boateng (Rutgers)
  • Chapter of the Fall – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
  • Member of the Fall – Eva Dibong (RPI)

From FRC PCI STEM Mini-Conference (2019–2020) – NSBE Jr. Chapters

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL): High School Competition
Lower Division Round 1:
  • Syracuse City School District NSBE Jr. Chapter
  • Brockton Scientific NSBE Jr. Chapter
Upper Division Round 1:
  • Brooklyn Technical High School NSBE Jr. Chapter
  • Syracuse City School District Q of T=Pi
MATHCOUNTS: Middle School Competition
  • SCAM Syracuse City School District NSBE Jr. Chapter
  • YBE (Young Black Engineers) – Syracuse City School District NSBE Jr. Chapter
From Nationals (2019–2020)
  • Medium Chapter of the Year – Northeastern University (NEU)

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