The main focus of Academic Excellence programming for the 2020–2021 year is to support the academic needs of NSBE members by researching, developing and implementing innovative programs, workshops and seminars. This will be achieved with the goal of thinking regionally but acting on a chapter-chapter basis. A revamp of the retention program, which is an accessible resource for chapters looking for ways to improve and succeed with their academics and professional skills in engineering, will enable us to reach this goal. In light of the current situation, programs will be virtually geared to establishing academic mentorship within chapters (open to NSBE’s vast network of professionals, upperclassmen and NSBE Jr. members), promoting cross-functional collaboration and encouraging enrichment of technical/professional skills via workshops, competitions, other interactive activities, and scholarships. Some programs that may be in store for this year are the well-known Academic Tech Bowl (ATB), the Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) and a reintroduction of the “study buddy system.” The renowned Academic Tech Bowl competition challenges teams to showcase their understanding of principles covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE/EIT) examination. The Technical Research Exhibition is a chance to highlight the technical accomplishments of our fellow NSBE researchers through presentations of their projects. The study buddy system will be created to have chapters work with one another to develop and coordinate events and share resources (transportation, supplies, etc.) to sustain their common goal of being stronger chapters and having their members gain the necessary skills to become practicing engineers.

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