Pre-College Initiative (PCI) programming this year will focus on strengthening the connection between Collegiate and NSBE Jr. chapters. One of the struggles when it comes to developing in-person programs across the region is finding a way for everyone to be able to attend. The current climate of the world has provided a unique opportunity to host events virtually, which enables a larger turnout. With virtual events, everyone across the region can attend each other's events. Among the events that will be held virtually this year are a competition, college panels and a panel of professionals outside of NSBE. Each collegiate chapter will host a college panel, so NSBE Jr. members will be able to talk to people from colleges all over Region I. In addition to the events that will be held throughout the year, another major aspect of programming will be the conferences. The annual Fall Regional Conference this year will include many technical workshops to give NSBE Jr. members a head start in developing helpful skills.

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