Region II Chair Welcome

Greetings Region II and NSBE Family, 

I'm Myracle Jarmon-Moore, a 3rd year Electrical Engineering PhD student in Cyber Security at Howard University. Serving as your Region II Chairperson for 2023-2024, I'm delighted to welcome you, alongside the esteemed Region II Executive Board. Wholeheartedly aligned with the #NSBE2025 initiative, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to effectively bring our National Directives to life. This year our National Chairperson, Avery Layne, is set to move the Society forward with his vision, Fulfilling the Mission: 50 Years & Beyond. 

To bring the National Vision to fruition in my capacity as Region II Chairperson, I will Put the SPARK in Region II by: 

  • Strengthening relationships with community partners and membership at all levels. 
  • Evolving the membership experience through technical training and leadership opportunities. 
  • Refining membership data and metrics for chapter uniformity and membership satisfaction. 

During my NSBE journey, the organization's support has been pivotal, not just for me but also for fellow members. While I've greatly benefited, I see a chance to amplify NSBE's impact and help a wider array of STEM students and professionals. Our membership goes beyond engineers and scientists – we're a diverse community of innovators and artists. In the MODEL region, we're committed to creating partnerships with local groups and expanding sponsorships, opening new doors for Region II members. Chapters will receive enhanced year-round support, including the presence of Regional Executive Board representatives at events, assistance in tough times, corporate affiliations, and more. 

Together, we're nurturing mentorship and leadership, focusing on NSBE leadership roles, whether as mentors, committee participants, or enrollees in the Gary S. Mays Shadow Initiative Program. NSBE offers comprehensive development training alongside job and scholarship support. To enrich your NSBE experience, we're promoting national trainings and hosting technical workshops. We're also optimizing NSBE's operational efficiency through refined data and a digital repository on our website, containing valuable resources. 

I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve as your Region II Chairperson for 2023-2024. Working closely with the Regional Executive Board, I'm fully dedicated to providing a HYPE experience for Region II members. Leading the Region is a true honor, as we strive to set a model example in line with our mission. Together, we're advancing the Society's ambitious goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers yearly by 2025! 

Keep it 2222 Hype, 

Myracle Jarmon-Moore

2023-2024 Region II Chairperson