Region II Chair Welcome

Greetings Region II and NSBE family,

Welcome to the official site of Region II, The Model Region, of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). My name is Brian Quainoo and I have the distinct pleasure of serving as your 2022- 2023 Region II Chairperson! This year our National Chairperson, Favour Nerrise, is set to move the Society forward with her vision: it is TIME to engage. This includes plans Transform, Innovate, Mobilize, and Evolve. In order to execute the National Vision in the Model Region, I want us to focus on the Regional Directives, Code B.L.U.E. This stands for Be collaborative, Leverage the hybrid environment, Use Data, & Enhance standard practices. 

Collaboration is important at all levels. This year I want to emphasize collaboration in three different ways: collegiate, NSBE professionals, & corporations. Collegiates, I ask that you do not only collaborate within your school. I encourage collaboration across different NSBE chapters. Collaboration doesn’t stop there I want there to be in further collaboration with NSBE professionals. This year, establishment of a mentorship program between NSBE professionals and collegiates is a key way collaboration will be expanded. Collaboration with corporate partners has been something continually done by Region II throughout the years. This year we plan to continue doing so by emphasizing bringing corporate partners to our conferences that hire in each stage of your collegiate career. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, your pursuit of a degree in STEM should always open you to more opportunities to connect with corporate partners. 

For my term, I want the hybrid environment to be leveraged to provide opportunities for Region II. By leveraging the virtual environment, I want there to be hybrid programming that allows for NSBE members to obtain professional certifications. The plan is not to do this only once but make this a yearlong opportunity for Region II to learn new skills. Throughout this year, data will be used more efficiently to provide better experiences for you all. For this year, I want to see an increase in GPA verification and data collected for chapter activities. This data allows for the Region to better identify where we can improve as a whole. Finally, the last thing I would like to do this term is enhance standard practices. This will be done primarily through the chapter starter pack. Adding key information to assist chapter in improving the financial stability, social media branding, and programming is only the beginning. By defining a baseline for what a chapter needs I hope to set a strong foundation that can be expanded upon for the future. 

That concludes my vision for the year and I, along with the Region II Executive Board, am #2HYPE to work towards accomplishing the Regional Directives. We are laying the foundation for many successes this year and I am excited to be doing so with the HYPEST membership in the Society. I am truly honored to have been re-elected to lead this charge and continue to lead the Region as we work towards the Society’s goal of graduating 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025! 

In true Region II fashion, Stay Two HYPE, 

Brian Quainoo