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Chair's Welcome Vision.

The Most Live and Supreme Region in the Society

Greetings Region Supreme,

I am Chika L. Okwor, a graduate from Prairie View A&M University with a degree in Civil Engineering and Mathematics, working on my Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management.

I have the pleasure and honor of serving as the Region V Chairperson this year. If anyone asked me 7 years ago when I started my NSBE journey if this was possible, I would have said no but today here I am unbelievably the Region V Chair. I didn't get here on my own, I am lucky to have tremendous support from people around me who saw greater things for me than I did for myself. They pushed me to greater heights and fanned the flame within. I also sit in this position because you all believed in me and chose to elect me to lead our Region to even greater heights and success following in the footsteps of leaders who came before us. I chose to run for this position on the basis of two understandings after having been in NSBE so long:

Passion: I have had the opportunity to grow and become the leader I am today because of NSBE. I love this organization for all it has taught me and given me. I would like to use this as an opportunity to pay it back.

Realization: As many boards I have had the honor to serve in, I came to understand that it is never a one-person job. Everyone has to be aligned for us to execute to the fullest. This is why I chose my platform because it can't just be me or just my goals. It has to be all of us collectively One Membership. One CEB, One RAB, One RPEB, One REB, ONE REGION FIVE!! We all together make up this Region and we have to strive to continue to uplift it and make it better.

This leads me to share with you all my vision for the Region V for the year which directly falls under the umbrella of our National Chair's Directives. 

REGION V LONGEVITY: Creating an Impact

We will be focusing on 4 Pillars which are:

1. Membership: In NSBE the membership is one of the most important groups. Therefore, I want to make sure we highlight our membership in Region V. Mainly focusing on our PCI Chapters, PWI Chapters, and Small and upcoming chapters but not limited to these. Continuing to bring unity between our chapters and zone while focusing on growth of all our chapters so that we align with the NSBE game plan of graduating 10,000 Black Engineers annually by 2025. 

 2. Community: The NSBE community is continually growing so within our Region how can we continue to create that impact to make sure that NSBE is a household name as we rebrand. Creating an ongoing outreach within our community both from the REB and from our chapters. Coming together to figure out how we can also better reach those that are a part of the community who does not know what NSBE is and pulling them in.

3. Programming: Creating programming that highlight the mission and its' importance. Creating programming that is beneficial to our membership and community. Creating year-long programming that keeps members engaged throughout the year, not just waiting to have our big events at FRC or Nationals. Creating different series for events to have for the year.

4.  Leadership: Developing our leaders is very essential and key to our success. The goal is to make sure that within our Region that we are building confidence within our members and CEB'S that they have the ability to command any room they find themselves in. Therefore, we will be creating year-round trainings for our leaders. Equipping our CEB'S with tools needed for their success and chapter success.  

The only question left to ask is HOW DEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP?!?! Will you all be DEEEEEPPPP with me on this journey to REGION V LONGEVITY and Creating an Impact to last a lifetime!!!

   With NSBE Luv, 


2023-2024 Region V Chairperson

National Society of Black Engineers

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