Scholarships are a vital part of your journey in studying engineering and computer science in college.  Here you can find information about qualifying and applying for scholarships.

 NSBE provides various scholarships to our members through our NSBE and Corporate Scholarship Programs. Individual scholarships range in value from $500 to $5,000 per year. Scholarships promote academic achievement, and not all have a GPA requirement. So we strongly encourage all members to review the listing of scholarships available for application at

One copy of the student’s official transcript, or a GPA verification letter with registrar’s signature confirming the student’s current cumulative GPA, is required for all scholarships.

RAISEME Micro-Scholarships

RaiseMe is a platform that helps 9th–12th grade students prepare for college by earning scholarships for their academic, extracurricular and leadership achievements. With more than 330 colleges and universities on its platform, RaiseMe is also a great resource to help students find the college that is the best fit for them.

Students can register under NSBE and build their profiles as early as 8th grade! If you would like RaiseMe to create a page for your NSBE Jr. chapter, please submit an application here

Additional Information

You can also use the search tool below to search for other scholarships for your school or in your state.

If you know of a scholarship that is not in our database, please complete the scholarship submission form to add it.

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