The Math Video Challenge is an innovative program that empowers middle school students to be math teachers, video producers, actors and artists—all at the same time! Working together in teams, students create their own videos about math problems and the concepts associated with them. Formerly known as the Reel Math Challenge, the Math Video Challenge is designed to get students excited about math while giving them the opportunity to hone their creativity and communication skills. During the year, students create a video that teaches the solution to one of the problems from the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook and also demonstrates the real-world application of the math concepts used in the problem.

Team Registration

  • Each team will consist of exactly 4 students in grade 6–8
  • Teams must be composed of active NSBE Jr. members
  • Attendance at the Annual Convention is required

Math Video Competition Components

Getting started in the Math Video Challenge

  1. Assemble a team of four students + team advisor
  2. Register your team 
  3. Review critical deadlines, and get started on the video project                                                                       
  4. Submit your team’s video 

Rules for Videos and Video Submission

  • All student teams must have exactly 4 members, although all 4 members do not necessarily need to appear in the video. The students may split up the various tasks associated with the project, as they like. Subject to securing the appropriate written permissions, additional people not on the official team may appear in the video, but only the four team members will be recognized for advancement and recognition in the contest. Students do not have to combine with students from their own school or even students from their hometown or state.
  • Videos submitted must be no more than five minutes in length. Furthermore, videos must be in English or subtitled in English.
  • Content in the videos, including music, audio, speech/voice-overs, stills, video supers or other audiovisual materials must be: 
  1. entirely original, created and performed by the entrants;
  2. original creations of works in the public domain; and/or
  3. content that allows royalty-free use of the material with no restrictions by entrant and MATHCOUNTS. Videos cannot contain copyrighted content owned by third parties except as noted. For more information, please visit
  • Other than the team members, no one else may appear or provide voice-over for the video entries unless the team has obtained written permission from those persons whose name, image, likeness or voice (“Likeness”) is included in the video and that such person(s) have granted the team and MATHCOUNTS all necessary rights to use the person’s Likeness as described in these rules and that team provides written permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian authorizing the use of the minor’s Likeness on behalf of the minor.
  • Video content may not defame or disparage any individuals, companies, organizations or institutions. Furthermore, the videos may not contain nudity, lewd or vulgar behavior, offensive language and/or gestures.
  • Students may participate on more than one team.
  • Each team may submit more than one (1) video. However, a team may only have one video submission be eligible for advancement. Should a team have more than one (1) video place in the top 100 in votes received, only the highest-ranked video will be eligible to advance to the top 20 semifinalist videos.
  • Although teams are eligible to submit more than (1) video, each submission must feature a different handbook problem.
  • Prior to uploading a video submission, each entrant must register for the contest. To register for the contest, entrants must access and submit the Team Member Registration Form on the contest website. In addition to submitting a completed Registration Form, each entrant must have his/her parent complete a digital Release Form before any video submission can take place. Each member of the team must have a parent or guardian provide approval on the release form in order to approve the team’s submission.

Application Procedure

Math Video Challenge registration is completed via an online application through Jotform. The application can be found here . Each team interested in participating for the 2022–2023 program year must submit an application for the program and meet all of the team requirements. Teams will also be required to officially register with the MATHCOUNTS Foundation and will be contacted by MATHCOUNTS to register in the fall. Completing all of the information in the application is vital.

Critical 2022 - 2023 Dates

For quick reference, the following target dates are listed to ensure your participation in the Math Video Challenge. For further information on the upcoming NSBE conferences, please visit



Math Video Challenge Team Application

Final submission deadline is Sunday, October 11, 2022. Participation confirmation will be sent out by Friday, October 16, 2022.

Math Video Challenge 2020 - 2021 Registration

Teams must also register on the Math Video website and download the Math Video Challenge Playbook from the website by Sunday, Oct. 11, 2022. (Please indicate that you are a NSBE Jr. chapter.) Teams must submit a list of four (4) participating students to by Sunday, Dec. 29, 2022.

National Competition

 Held at NSBE’s Annual Convention March 22 - March 26, 2023, in Kansas City, MO.

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