What are Special Interest Groups?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are signature programs in NSBE chartered to link NSBE with technology and policy and to promote technical excellence among NSBE graduate and technical professional members. SIGs provide a platform that engages members in exploring and discussing particular areas of focus and interest. While each SIG differs in structure, the services that they are able to provide are theoretically the same; including (but not limited to) presenting technical workshops, developing scientific products, establishing or joining technology task forces and industry forums, providing technical responses to issues that are affecting our communities, and keeping NSBE members up-to-date on industry-specific and policy trends. For information about Special Interest Groups, please contact Special Projects for SIG Operations & Development Chair:

Russell Marzette, Jr.


The Aerospace SIG is a technology-focused forum of aerospace professionals and enthusiasts. It serves as a bridge between the aerospace industry, governmental centers, and the community, with a focus on the Black community in an inspirational and educational capacity. The programs and projects of the Aerospace SIG allow members to apply their broad array of technical expertise to develop solutions that enhance the public and private aerospace capabilities within their communities, especially in the space exploration community. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Enanga Daisy Fale
Aerospace SIG
The Energy SIG is today’s future energy information source. The Energy SIG provides a safe learning environment for energy professionals; allows for greater community in the energy field for NSBE professionals; and supports the NSBE mission of “succeeding professionally” by offering professional networking, learning collaboratives, and potential mentoring relationships. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Ledum Nordee
Energy SIG
The Entrepreneurship SIG promotes business ownership, develops the business skills of owners, and provides tools to enable Minority Owned technology businesses to operate in excellence. A major goal of Entrepreneurship SIG is to make NSBE a resource for entities seeking to do business with technical Minority Owned businesses. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Brian Ware & Dwaine Alleyne
Entrepreneurship SIG
The Environmental Engineering SIG provides a forum for professionals to network and receive information about tangential areas of expertise. The programs and projects of the Environmental Engineering SIG have a goal of achieving and maintaining distributional equity of sustainability and environment related information and experiences. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Sonja Favors
Environmental Engineering SIG
The Healthcare Innovation SIG (HISIG) will deploy NSBE Membership to explore topical areas and apply their technical expertise towards the development of innovative solutions to complex healthcare problems. In addition, HISIG will partner with academic and commercial leaders from various sectors of the healthcare industry to develop trainings, workshops, tech talks, and career pipelines. For more information, please contact the HISIG Director:
Arthur Edge
Healthcare Innovation SIG
The Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) serves as the IT resource within NSBE. The ITTT SIG provides professionals with opportunities to further develop their technical skills and achieve professional certification in a wide variety of ITrelated topics. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Damon Aniton
The Intellectual Property SIG will expose NSBE members to career paths in the field of IP. Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets (the main types of intellectual property matters), play an important role in a multiplicity of areas, from literature and the arts to engineering and entrepreneurship. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Braxton Davis
Intellectual Property SIG
The Process Improvement SIG develops process improvement certification and training partnerships, provide members’ opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills set to real world organizational problems and serve as a process improvement consulting arm for NSBE. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Diamond Williams
Process Improvement SIG
The Public Policy SIG serves as the policy research and analysis arm. The Public Policy SIG provides members with opportunities to study public policy issues affecting Blacks in academia, industry, and government; discuss the effect these policies have on our professional, personal, and public communities; and educate and advise on adverse policies which impact our social, professional, and community condition. For more information, please contact the SIG Director, Rosalina Bray:
Rosalina Bray
Public Policy SIG
The Transportation SIG provides professionals a valuable opportunity to share and address the latest policy and technical information as well as cover new ideas in transportation policy, planning, environmental, design, construction, maintenance, operation, and management of transportation resources. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Barbara "BB" Dunlap
Transportation SIG
The “WISE” SIG serves as a resource of information to females to increase the number of Women in Science and Engineering. It addresses issues that affect women employed or educated in STEM fields such as career advancement, family leave, work/life balance, health issues, life changing events, and networks. For more information, please contact the SIG Director:
Valerie C. Thomas