College Initiative (CI)

This is a very exciting time in NSBE programming where our mission IS the mission. It is simple and clear and we cannot fulfill it unless we are helping our collegiate counterparts get through the pipeline and transition from engineering students to black engineers fully functioning on their jobs and in their communities.

As you begin your programming, please reference the below information and toolkits that are available to you.

How YOU Can Support Collegiate Initiative Programming:

Become a NSBE Mentor

   - Mentor a NSBE student in your local area

   - Identify a recent NSBE graduate at your place of employment

   - If you are a Chapter/Regional leader – mentor your collegiate counterpart

   - Identify a NSBE Graduating Senior

   - Download the Collegiate Initiative Mentoring Program Toolkit


   - Participate in TORCH activities with local chapter

   - Facilitate collaboration for programming between collegiate and AE chapters

   - Conduct formal STEM training

   - Participate in informal science and engineering education

   - Partner/participate with collegiate chapters in local AWFEs

   - Partner/participate with collegiate chapters in traditional community service

   - Encourage local chapter's participation in TORCH programming

   - Remember October is TORCH Month!

   - Download the TORCH Toolkit

Conduct a Collegiate Initiative Workshop at the Local, Regional or National Level

   - Professional Development workshops

   - Professional/Collegiate socials

   - Resume writing workshop

   - Workshops around the first 90 days on the job – Do’s and don’ts

   - Professionals: Life on the Other Side of NSBE – What life is like as an AE member

Thank you so much and happy programming!

CJ Kirk
2019-2020 NSBE Region II Professionals College Initiative Chair