2022 Leadership Incubator



The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Professionals Leadership Incubator is a new initiative in accordance with our Strategic Articulation Map, Game Change 2025. It aims to raise member awareness of nonprofit board service and its application in career development and other nonprofit board service opportunities. The program is grounded in the NSBE Leadership Competency Model which focuses on leading of self, leading of an organization and leading of others. The program will be offered free of charge during the inaugural year. You must be a NSBE member to participate.


Programmatic Features:



Leadership Coaching 

Masterclasses from Executives and Entrepreneurs 

Skills Training


Duration of Program: 12 months


Next Cohort Application Cycle: September 2022




Dr. Roneisha Worthy – pebchair@nsbe.org

Arthur Edge, III – pebchairelect@nsbe.org