NSBE programs help you excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

Creative, engaging and interactive programs are the primary vehicle through which NSBE fulfills its mission of creating engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. We provide a variety of programs in the following core areas to support all demographics impacted by the Society: Academic Excellence; Technical Excellence; Leadership Development; Community Impact; Pre-College Initiative and Chapter Development.

Scholarships, research opportunities,community activities and academic support are among the wide array of resources available to NSBE members through our various programs. By participating in any number of our programs each member of NSBE is ensured an opportunity to reach extraordinary heights in their academic, professional and community endeavors. The value of NSBE Programs depends on your active participation and we encourage you to find ways to get involved TODAY!

Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Programs 

The Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Program is the National Society of Black Engineers' effort to encourage pre-college students in grades K-12 to develop interest and skills in math and science. Through the PCI, NSBE has numerous programs, competitions and events specifically targeted at providing hands-on technical experience with mathematics, science, engineering and methods. From team based competitions such as Try-Math-A-Lon to individual engagement through the Summer Engineering Experience for Kids camp to college exam prep seminars for graduating seniors, NSBE is a valuable resource to all NSBE Jr. members and pre-college students interested in becoming the next generation engineer!

Collegiate Programs

NSBE has a wide range of programs, competitions and activities for collegiate students. From programs that nurture your interest in gaining academic support to assist in your engineering collegiate journey to undergraduate research opportunities and scholarships, there are programs available to suit the varied needs of our collegiate membership. Additionally, we offer various opportunities for leadership, personal and professional development skills training to support the well-round and well “prepared” future engineer.

Technical Professional Programs

In an increasingly competitive workplace, NSBE helps to position its technical professional members for success through a variety of technical certification opportunities, professional development conferences, and special interest groups focused in areas such as space exploration, information technology, and energy. Various programs are also provided by technical professional members in service to pre-college and collegiate NSBE members, such as cyber-mentoring and the Save Our Kids Initiative.