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    Driving STEM Excellence and Social Justice: The National Society of Black Engineers’ ‘Game Change 2025’

    The multiple crises of 2020 — a viral pandemic, racist killings and unnatural “natural disasters” — exposed longstanding social inequities in the United States. But in one respect, for those of us serving on the Strategic Planning Task Force of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), they were an equalizer: no one on the team, from the college students comprising NSBE’s national leadership to the most seasoned staff and technical professionals who contributed their expertise, had ever seen such times before.

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    Dr. Karl Reid Featured on the Engineering Change Podcast

    Listen to NSBE Executive Director Karl Reid on the Engineering Change Podcast

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    NSBE is Weathering the Storm

    In the face of crisis, the extended NSBE family has stepped up to lift up others. This is what NSBE Luv really means!

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    Tips From NSBE ‘Working From Home’ Veterans

    Teleworking, telecommuting, or my preferred term, “working from home (WFH),” introduces a whole new set of challenges and opportunities, especially for the millions now practicing it for the first time, on short notice, as a result of the current public health emergency. The web provides a trove of information about WFH, but researchers differ widely about its balance of benefits and disadvantages, while posing many unanswered questions.